Saskia Miller

Direct dial

01246 641058

Call, text or Whatsapp

07702 196 160
Account Manager


Technical queries, issues and any requirements for our products.

Saskia joined the bredent team to help support Christian manage our ever-growing customer base. Since Christian embarked on a gap year to Taipei, Saskia has taken over as the technical support with a particular focus on bredent’s CAD/CAM materials.

With a degree in forensic psychology, Saskia is tuned in to understanding what our customers might want despite being completely new to the dental industry. Don’t look into her eyes!

Prior to joining bredent UK, Saskia worked for a global company that manufactured security hardware and software for the worlds most demanding environments.

Saskia has always been interested in working with and helping people and she loves a fresh start and learning something new.

The best thing about working for bredent is...

the people and their genuine passion for what they do.

Chat to Saskia about...

drawing (she mainly spends her time playing Xbox but she wasn’t sure that was the best thing to put!)

Saskia’s most valuable contributions to the workplace include her ability to connect with others, her commitment to building team spirit and her desire to see people succeed.