SKY bulk implant offers

We have some great bulk deals on SKY implants to help you save money. Choose from the following options...

Bulk buy implants + free abutments 

  • Buy 10 implants or 10 abutments + receive an additional 2 free of charge*
  • Buy 20 implants or 20 abutments + receive an additional 5 free of charge*
  • Buy 50 implants or 50 abutments + receive an additional 20 free of charge*
  • Buy 100 implants or 100 abutments + receive an additional 40 free of charge*

*The only rules are:

  • The items must be the same type, for example implants or abutments or prosthetic components
  • All SKY implants are included
  • All abutments are included
  • The lowest priced items will be free of charge
  • The items are purchased at full RRP
  • The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount

Please note: we only deliver to the UK. If you are outside of the UK contact the bredent group

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