Order a SKY fast & fixed starter kit

Includes all the blueSKY implants and fast & fixed restorative components you need for your first SKY fast & fixed upper and lower case.

SKY-FF10 £4,495 +VAT saving £3,000


  • 10 x blueSKY implants
  • 6 x SKY fast & fixed straight abutments (SKYFT002)
  • 4 x SKY fast & fixed angled abutments (choose from SKYFT173, SKYFT175, SKYFT354 and SKYFT355)
  • 10 x SKY fast & fixed prosthetic coping (SKYFFPKT)
  • 10 x SKY fast & fixed impression coping (SKYFFAOL)
  • 10 x fast & fixed laboratory analogue (SKYFFTLA)
  • 10 x SKY fast & fixed gingiva former (SKYFFGF2)
  • 1 x SKY surgical/prosthetic tray
  • 1 x Angulation device (SKYFFS35)

Please note: we only deliver to the UK. If you are outside of the UK contact the bredent group

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