CeramBond and CKB

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CKB and CeramBond offer the perfect bond...


For increased reliability with all alloys. The premixed, ready-to-use Ceram-Bond allows to omit oxide firig when veneering metal frameworks. Ceram-Bond is applied immediately after finishing, sandblasting and cleaning the metal framework. This micro-fine layer improves bonding of the ceramic material to the metal framework, protects against spalling and offers increased reliability.

Available as 30g (Product code: 5200322)  and 7g (Product code: 52000323)


The microfine layer of bonding material ensures a perfect bond between the porcelain and chrome cobalt, fully compensating for differences in their thermal coefficients of expansion. Reduced the problems for alloys with strong tendency to oxide layer formation. The micro-fine intermediate layer is fired at 980 °C allows to balance the CTE values of the chrome cobalt alloy and the ceramic material. Chrome Cobalt Bonding protects agains spalling and avoid time-consuming remakes. In cases of unfavorable space conditions, CCB allows to fire the ceramic material directly on the CoCr structure.

Available as 19 g (Product code: 52000320) or 4.5g (Product code: 52000321)

Please note: we only deliver to the UK. If you are outside of the UK contact the bredent group