crea.lign - truly natural and durable

crea.lign is the light-curing composite featuring impressive natural opalescence and unparalleled light transmission for natural beauty.

crea.lign composites

crea.lign veneering composites are suitable for permanent veneering of metal, ceramic and polymer substructures.

  • Available as a flowable and a paste
  • Classic range of shades (A-D and bleach) and additional Enamal/Incisal and GUM materials and a transparent flowable
  • Approved for oral use – for intraoral application
  • Contains only nano particles and no ground glass filler
  • Consists of 50% opalescent ceramic filler and a high strength
  • Exceptional material properties adapt elasticity and hardness of crea.lign to the various substructure materials

See the range of crea.lign composites

combo.lign luting composite

Light- and dual-curing luting composite for reliable shade reproduction and perfect bonding of novo.lign veneer and all framework materials.

  • Available in the classic A–D shades and BL3 bleached shade.

combo.lign opaquer

Light- and dual-curing opaque material to ensure perfect curing.

  • Available in three tooth and one gingiva colour to ensure colour stability in all A–D shades in combination with combo.lign
  • Compatible with all metal primers