Composite kits

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crea.lign freestyle kit

This 115 piece assortment contains all crea.lign shades in a large aluminium carry case. 

Product code: CLIGNSETFK

  • Full range of crea.lign opaques
  • crea.lign paste in all dentine shades
  • crea.lign gels; incisals;  dentines; modifiers; GUMs; clear
  • crea.lign stains
  • visio.paint set
  • Primers and activators
  • Shade guides
  • Associated accessories
  • Stainless steel crea.lign syringe holder
  • Various printed materials including; manual and table display with illustrated layering instructions

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crea.lign starter set

Choose your own personal mix of crea.lign shades. 

Product code: CLIGNSETR 

  • 10 x crea.lign gel in your choice of shades
  • 3 x single-hand grip handle


Red and white aesthetic crea.lign kit

The crea.lign red and white composite kit for quick and easy red-white customisation of plastic prostheses and bridges (zirconium/metal/high-performance polymer frameworks).

Product code: CLIGNSETG

The kit includes:

  • 1x 10ml crea.lign modelling liquid
  • 1 x 4ml MKZ primer
  • 1 x 10ml
  • Single-hand grip handle
  • crea.lign incisal gel 5g two shades
  • crea.lign modifier gel 5g two shades
  • crea.lign GUM gel 5g four shades
  • combo.lign opaquer 4g GUM shade
  • two demo prostheses
  • two modelling magic brushes
  • 8 application cannulas
  • layering instructions
  • mixing pad
  • aluminium case

Chipping repair kit

The chipping repair kit is for use in the laboratory or surgery.

Product code: 580CLSETA

  • Aluminium case
  • MKZ primer, MKZ EM-Activator, K-primer and
  • crea.lign incisal gel shades E1
  • crea.lign dentine gel & paste, shades A2 & A3
  • crea.lign opaker, shades 2 & 3 & Z zirconium liner
  • Associated accessories including cannulas, disposable trays, rotary pistons etc.
  • Processing instructions

Bonding kit

  • MKZ- Primer (titanium, zircon, NPM)
  • K-Primer (ceramic, disilicate)
  • (PMMA, composite, BioHPP)
  • DTK adhesive Opaque (colour A2/A3) and Transparent
  • FGP insulating liquid
  • Fixing screws
  • Associated accessories including dispensing guns, cannulas, mixing blocks etc