Shades, designs and layer shaping are perfectly matched to the neo.lign full denture teeth and therefore the set up can be easily transferred.

What are the advantages of using novo.lign?

  • Natural aesthetics, following nature’s example
  • Anterior and posterior teeth are constructed in thin layers from high-impact PMMA composite (PMMA = polymethyl methacrylate)
  • Available in all classic A–D shades A1–D4 and BL3 bleached shade
  • novo.lign posterior teeth enable the implementation of all occlusion concepts due to the multi-functional chewing surface of the G, W and L designs
  • The “extra”-wide W designs are more suited to veneering bulky crowns and bridge frameworks than the “slimline” G designs …

… the L designs with “lingualised occlusal design” for manufacturing implant-supported full dentures