visio.lign kits

Whether you are looking to restore implant frameworks or customise dentures, we offer a range of visio.lign kits...

Freestyle kit

The complete solution. The complete set includes all available shades of the crea.lign opaque, paste, gel and stains as well as visio.paint and the bond.lign primers/bonders.

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Red-white Aesthetics set

  • 5 x 5g crea.lign gel, GUM (light, pink, rosa, red, lila)
  • 2 x 3g crea.lign paste, GUM (PO, PL)
  • 1 x 5g crea.lign gel transpa clear
  • 1 x 4g crea.lign opaque, GUM
  • 1 x 10ml crea.lign Modelling liquid
  • 1 x 10ml
  • 1 x unique brush, size 4
  • 1 x one-hand use handles with UV LED (crea.lign gel)
  • 1 mixing block
  • 1 pin cover and application cannulas
  • 2 rotary piston (crea.lign paste)
  • Layering instructions

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Chipping Repair Kit for technicians 

The chipping repair kit for technicians is for use in the laboratory and includes £350 worth of primers.

Product code: CLIGNSETT1

  • Plastic case
  • MKZ primer
  • MKZ EM-Activator
  • K-primer

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Chipping repair kit for technicians and dentists

Product code: 580CLSETA

  • Aluminium case
  • MKZ primer, MKZ EM-Activator, K-primer and
  • crea.lign incisal gel shades E1
  • crea.lign dentine gel & paste, shades A2 & A3
  • crea.lign opaker, shades 2 & 3 & Z zirconium liner
  • Associated accessories including cannulas, disposable trays, rotary pistons etc.
  • Processing instructions

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Bonding kit

The full range bonding kit is perfect for bonding individual ceramic abutments and useful for both dentists and technicians.

Product code: 5800BOND

  • MKZ- Primer (titanium, zircon, NPM)
  • K-Primer (ceramic, disilicate)
  • (PMMA, composite, BioHPP)
  • DTK adhesive Opaque (colour A2/A3) and Transparent
  • FGP insulating liquid
  • Fixing screws
  • Associated accessories including dispensing guns, cannulas, mixing blocks etc

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visio.lign tool kit

The perfect kit for the finishing of teeth and composites.

Product code: VLTOOLKIT  

  • Specialist tungsten burs and discs
  • Full range of polishing tools
  • Abrasive and non-abrasive polishing pastes
  • Cleaning spray
  • Tool stand

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visio.lign starter kit

A comprehensive starter kit containing all materials required to get started with the visio.lign veneering system.

Product code: VLIGNSET4

  • visio.lign tooth cabinet
  • novo.lign A veneers – anterior teeth. 30 tooth cards/slides
  • novo.lign P veneers – posterior teeth. 24 tooth cards/slides
  • 3 x crea.lign incisal gel, 5g
  • 3 x crea.lign dentine gel, 5g
  • 3 x crea.lign modifier gel, 5g
  • 3 x crea.lign GUM gel, 5g
  • 2 x crea.lign opaker, 4g
  • 2 x combo.lign luting composite, 8g
  • 1 x visio.sil silicone for matrixes, 50ml
  • 1 x, 10ml
  • 1 x MKZ Primer, 4ml
  • 1 x Modelling liquid, 10ml
  • 10 x mixing cannulas, size 2
  • 12 x mixing cannulas, size 4
  • 3 x Single hand grip for crea.lign
  • 10 x pin covers
  • 10 x application cannulas

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