SKY Implant system

The SKY implant system provides a solution for all clinical indications.

Features of the SKY implant system:

  • A range of prosthetic solutions based on a single connection makes the SKY system versatile yet simple. We keep the number of components to a minimum.
  • Option to have a transversal screw connection for the aesthetic zone
  • All the abutments suitable for the narrow platform can also be used on the regular platform, creating a larger platform switch.
  • All SKY implants feature the osseo connect surface (ocs)
  • All SKY implants are made out of Titanium type IV coldworked. The sandblasted and etched surface reflects state of the art technology and ensures long-term success of the modern implant systems.
  • All SKY implants have an indexed connection and a defined vertical height to enable easy establishment of the passive fit, even for large constructions.

“The products themselves are fantastic and we’ve got some fantastic clinicians showing the way in terms of what we can do with the products.” Mark Skimming, Dentistry On the Square, Glasgow

“I’d looked at a lot of the big manufacturers but what made me think about bredent is they are located in an area of Germany where they’re manufacturing a lot of the big cars – Mercedes.. Porsche.. so maybe this is an area for sophisticated engineering” Maria Hardman, Clinic 95, Oxford