SKY fast & fixed

SKY fast & fixed treatment is a fixed teeth-in-a-day procedure.

To guarantee the success of the SKY fast & fixed therapy it has been developed with input from experienced implantologists, prosthetic specialists and dental technicians.

What are the benefits of SKY fast & fixed?

  • It is quick – usually patients have an implant-supported and fixed solution after just one procedure
  • It is reproducible with a standardised protocol
  • It is affordable for your patients
  • The results are predictable

Due to angular placement of the implants, the local bone can be made use of and perfect biomechanical support of the restoration is achieved. Immediate loading of the restoration is enabled in combination with the connection of the bridge. The perfectly matched materials allow the fabrication of the temporary restoration in less than two hours.

Advantages of using SKY fast & fixed components

  • Prosthetic coping can be transversally or occlusally screwed
  • Abutments can be used on all SKY platforms including narrow
  • One-time abutment – no change of abutment required as the patient ages

Accurate planning of time and costs is achieved by the standardised procedure. The temporary restoration ensures the patient only needs to visit the practice on scheduled dates and there is sufficient time to complete the definitive restoration.

SKY fast & fixed solutions for your patients

The SKY implant system is ideal for immediate restoration treatment using SKY fast & fixed.

SKY fast & fixed solutions are available for:

  • full arch failing dentition cases, and
  • edentulous jaws with or without a denture.

SKY fast & fixed immediate restorations for potentially edentulous jaws offer:

  • Reduced number of implants
  • No extensive surgical procedures such as augmentations
  • Standardised steps making the work easier
  • Reduction and prevention of errors and complications
  • In the majority of cases, immediate fixed temporary bridges after only one session
  • An affordable price for the patient

The use of SKY fast & fixed enables you to offer your patients:

  • extraction (if required)
  • implantation, and
  • temporary restoration

in a single day so that they are able to eat and enjoy their social life immediately after surgery.

Immediate restorations – why wait?

The SKY implant system is ideal for immediate restoration treatment using SKY fast & fixed. With interlinking coordinated therapies treatment, success is easily and repeatedly achieved in immediate restorations.

  • HELBO®  – disinfection, especially prior to implant placement
  • SKY implant system – outstanding primary stability with site preparation according to bone quality
  • BioHPP® – permanent framework material with properties allowing for the long term success of the restoration by compensating for the forces applied in the mouth
  • visio.lign® – it is all about the final, fully customisable, aesthetics created by the true to life composites


Dr Neil Cooper explains why he uses the SKY fast & fixed system

Dr Dougie Lee explains why he uses the SKY fast & fixed system

Dr Hap Gill explains why he uses the SKY fast & fixed system