5 reasons to trial HELBO photodynamic therapy

HELBO is an antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (apdt) which is proven to significantly control bacterial infections without side effects.

We are encouraging all our customers to trial HELBO photodynamic therapy completely free of charge to see the results for themselves. So if you haven’t tried our photodyamic therapy yet, here are five reasons why you should…

Reason 1: HELBO successfully eliminates bacteria

Controlling the bacteria when placing implants is key to success. HELBO takes the unpredictability away and gives the implant treatment a helping hand at the start of a case – where it matters most.

Reason 2: HELBO is applied locally

Unlike antibiotics, HELBO uses a specific coloured light to activate the dye which is applied locally. HELBO treatment is designed to be used in place of antibiotics to control periodontal pathogenic bacteria on a local level, rather than be applied systemically, without side-effects.

Reason 3: HELBO has no side-effects

HELBO treatment is an alternative to antibiotics. It is a pain-free, non-surgical, one-time therapy which doesn’t have any side effects.

Reason 4: Usually only one treatment is necessary

HELBO doesn’t decrease in effectiveness. The therapy is highly successful and with its simple application allows immediate results for the patient.

Reason 5: HELBO can be used to treat a range of problems

HELBO effectively controls the intraoral bacteria so you can decrease your patients’ risk of periodontitis and peri-implantitis, endodontics, bone disinfection and socket preservation, oral mucosa diseases (herpes, candida, suture dehiscence), wound healing. HELBO treatment can quickly relieve your patients from these inflammations and infections and can also prevent disturbances to wound healing.

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