5 reasons why bredent is leading in immediate restorations

bredent UK’s director Maja Thompson MBA, BSc, RDT takes five minutes to explain five reasons why bredent is leading in immediate restorations, powered by physiological prosthetics…

The principle of the interlocked immediate restoration is not new but today the bredent group is the world leader in combining implantology and bionic prosthetic materials and is leading in immediate restorations.

1: The five interlinking therapies

bredent’s five interlinking coordinated therapies ensure success is easily and repeatedly achieved in immediate restorations

See why bredent’s five interlinking therapies ensure success…

2: Unrivalled primary stability

bredent’s range of prosthetic solutions enable a workable solution regardless of the patients’ presenting situation, supported by a state of the art implant system. SKY implants have excellent primary stability, double thread and self-tapping compression thread.

Listen to Mark Willings BDS MFGDP (UK) DIP IMP DENT RCS (ENG) FFGDP (UK) explain why he feels the primary stability of SKY implants is unrivalled (fast forward to 1 minute in!)

 3. Ten years of data and experience

SKY fast & fixed treatment is based on over 10 years of scientific data and clinical experience. SKY fast & fixed treatment is a fixed teeth-in-a-day procedure based on extraction, implantation and immediate restoration of a fixed full arch prosthesis, in just one day.

4. Transversal or occlusal

Self-centering transversal screw retention enables aesthetic restoration, as there are no screw channels to impede construction. This means that even patients with a lower gingiva can receive aesthetic treatment.

The screw always remains part of the secondary construction, meaning that threading is not required in the case of intra-oral application.

In addition, the screw can be opened and closed with just a few turns.

bredent offers transversaly and occlusally retained restorations – the choice is yours.

5. Success rates

Using HELBO pre and post treatment ensures increased success rates without the use of antibiotics.

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bredent has been supporting dentists and technicians working in partnership for more than 40 years to provide patients with natural looking and physiological frameworks.

Download the SKY presentation of the system brochure and the SKY fast & fixed manual to learn more.

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