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SKY milestones

Did you know…

  • SKY implants were first launched in 2003? classicSKY focused on using available bone and tissue structures and encouraging the accumulation of new cells.
  • We’ve been producing a zirconium implant since 2006? whiteSKY offers excellent soft tissue attachment, making it especially suitable for the aesthetic frontal area.
  • 2007 marked the success of SKY fast & fixed and the launch of blueSKY which allowed implants to be placed at an angle?
  • miniSKY launched in 2009 for severely atrophied jaws?
  • bredent acquired HELBO® in 2009? With 15 years of success, the photodynamic  treatment became a complementary addition to existing implant treatments.
  • The ideal solution for narrow gaps was found in 2013? narrowSKY provides a reduced diameter.
  • copaSKY is due to be launched later this year?

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bredent leads in immediate restorations

Did you know…

  • bredent has more than 10 years clinically proven experience?
  • 10 years ago blueSKY and fast & fixed were launched for full-arch immediate restoration?
  • In 2008 we introduced SKY® temp for temporary single-tooth restoration?
  • Transverse screwing is available with SKY® fast & fixed? In fact it’s been available since 2012!
  • BioHPP® SKY® elegance titanium base for single-tooth restoration launched in 2013?
  • Two years later BioHPP® SKY® elegance abutments and prefabs followed?
  • Last year 2nd generation SKY® fast & fixed abutments with narrow platform and tapered were introduced?


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35 years of BioHPP®

Did you know…

  • bredent was the first company worldwide to introduce a framework material based on PEEK?
  • Bionic high-performance polymers have been in use in human medicine for over 35 years?
  • Individual hybrid abutments with BioHPP® elegance prefabs can be produced in less than 15 minutes?
  • BioHPP® was released as a universal, tooth-coloured framework material for fixed, removable, implant-supported and permanent dentures in 2011?
  • In 2013, bredent offered the first individual hybrid abutment without an adhesive gap as a physiological and technically mature alternative to titanium abutments?
  • In 2014, BioHPP®  was integrated into the CAD/CAM workflow thanks to breCAM.BioHPP and breCAM.HIPC?
  • BioHPP is the most used polymer in dentistry?

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With its five coordinated therapies, bredent is leading in immediate restorations. If you’re interested in a demo of our products or chatting to a systems consultant, please get in touch.