Clinic 95 promote Life Changing Dentistry using SKY fast & fixed

A series of patient case studies have been filmed and are now being used to help inform and inspire patients soon to become endentulous.

Maria asked 12 patients who underwent immediate single or dual arch restorations using SKY fast & fixed to be filmed as part of her Life Changing Dentistry offering at Clinic 95 in Oxford.

Maria has been carrying out SKY fast & fixed treatment since 2011 and has completed over 160 cases.  The SKY fast & fixed protocol enables her to provide patients with fixed teeth in a day.

You can watch Brenda’s story and Ann’s story below…

Brenda receives Life Changing Dentistry through SKY fast & fixed by Dr Maria Hardman at Clinic 95
Ann receives Life Changing Dentistry through SKY fast & fixed by Dr Maria Hardman at Clinic 95

Brenda’s story

Before Brenda’s SKY fast & fixed surgery, she feared a full denture as over the years her bridge just had more and more added. Brenda said: “It makes such a huge difference to your life…so I say don’t be worried about the surgical side of it, because you’ll be so well taken care of, you won’t have any discomfort, and don’t worry about the technical side of things because you’ll be involved in seeing exactly what will happen and what your teeth will look like – nothing will be done with your approval.  The management of the process is so well done that you have nothing to fear.  Just talk to Maria and she’ll advise you the best.  And it’ll make such a difference, you won’t regret it.”

Ann’s story

Before Ann’s SKY fast & fixed surgery, she had been having crowns for over 30 years which kept falling out. Maria said “In theory, you can keep mending crowns forever.  But it’s just not a long term solution.  I don’t like the thought that anyone is getting poor value for money, as you know that whatever you do, at some point, it’ll need to be re-done.  It was definitely time for a better solution for Ann.”

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