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Highland View Study Club

Join the Sanjay Chopra, Philip Hayter, Gan Dharrie-Maharaj and Len D'Cruz for the latest study club in Ilford.

Course details

Tuesday 21 January 2020
Kanchans, Restaurant & Banqueting Suite, Ilford
Total cost: Free of charge in lieu of £10 minimum donation to Dental Wellness Trust

Course details

This study club will cover:

  • A welcome to Highland View Study Clubs and referral services by Philip Hayter
  • Look before you leap –understanding your choices about your indemnity by Len D’Cruz
  • An introduction to the concept of Human Factors by Ganase Dharrie-Maharaj
  • Is collaborative practice ownership the future of dentistry? by Sanjay Chopra

This is an informal evening, with chance to listen to some interesting topics and enjoy some fantastic food with like-minded colleagues.

This course is free in lieu of a donation to Dental Wellness Trust – you can donate online via Virgin Money here

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We’re pleased to welcome Gan to the evening to discuss and help us understand the concept and effect of Human Factors so we can apply them to everyday practice. 

The subject of Human Factors in aviation has been applied to that industry for decades and has had a significantly positive effect. Imagine if there were 9,600 deaths per year in a civil aviation scenario with 1 crash every 30 hours; would this be acceptable? This would have been the case had the aviation industry not embraced Human Factors.

In 1972, there were 2700 deaths and it would have risen to 9600 (extrapolated to reflect the increased numbers of commercial flights taking place now) had nothing been done to reduce them. The medical world has already started embracing Human Factors and we need to do the same in dentistry.

We intend to enable you to understand the concept and effects of Human Factors and thus apply them to your everyday practice, and life. The net effect of this should lead to improved practicing outcomes and hopefully a happier workforce. Whilst significant steps have already been taken to reduce risks and errors in dentistry, more is clearly needed with the huge levels of litigation being experienced. A significant aim of our course is to help dentists manage and reduce their stress levels and workload, which will in turn reduce errors, thereby improving patient safety. This should lead to a reduction in complaints and potential litigation. The added bonus will not only be improved practitioner well-being, but ultimately could lead to a reduction in the cost of indemnity for the profession as a whole!


We’re also pleased to welcome Len to the study club to discuss your choices about indemnity. Len will deliver an overview of indemnity in the UK and his talk will help us understand the difference between occurrence-based and claims-based indemnity. Len will also discuss the difference between discretionary and contractual cover and help us appreciate the risks around vicarious liability.

Course times

6.30pm: Canapes and welcome drinks on arrival
7pm: Lectures begin
8.45pm: Sit down dinner
10pm: Close

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About the venue

Kanchans, Restaurant & Banqueting Suite
53-55 Perth Rd
Gants Hill

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If you have any questions about this course, email , call 01246 559 599 or chat to your local bredent representative.

Course details

Tuesday 21 January 2020
For Dentists,
2 hours verifiable CPD
Kanchans, Restaurant & Banqueting Suite, Ilford
Total cost: Free of charge in lieu of £10 minimum donation to Dental Wellness Trust
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