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Alongside its outstanding aesthetics, visio.lign boasts extremely high bond strengths, shock absorbency, high stain resistance and low plaque accumulation. With the additional benefit of being adjustable and maintainable in the mouth, the visio.lign system provides the perfect solution for your laboratory.


If you would like a demonstration of the visio.lign system we can arrange for one of our technical specialists to carry this out at your laboratory or organisation. The length of the demonstration can vary depending on your needs. All our demonstrations include verifiable CPD.

If you would like to arrange a visio.lign demonstration, please book a demonstration and a bredent representative will get in touch.

If you’ve recently attended a visio.lign demo with a bredent representative in the UK, click to claim your CPD. 

Thank you for your interest in bredent systems.

More about the visio.lign system 

The visio.lign veneering system is an innovative, highly aesthetic solution comprising of multi-layer veneers for lifelike / anatomical teeth and accessory materials in perfectly matched shades. Read more about the visio.lign system

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