HELBO Vs antibiotics – why you should start your free trial

Increasing resistance to antibiotics is in the news all the time. The World Health Organisation fact sheet  highlights the increasing seriousness of the situation. Because of this, we’re encouraging all our customers to trial HELBO – a photodyamic therapy – as an alternative to antibiotics.

HELBO is an antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (apdt) which is proven to significantly reduce pathogenic bacteria without side effects.

“It is a very simple to use device which I use as part of my implant decontamination regime”

Professor I L C Chapple, Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry

HELBO can be used for…

  • Periodontitis and peri-implantitis
  • Endodontics
  • Bone disinfection and socket preservation
  • Oral mucosa diseases (herpes, candida, suture dehiscence)
  • Wound healing

HELBO is a pain free, non-surgical treatment. It is applied locally, has no side-effects and usually only one treatment is necessary.

Watch our new video explaining the advantages of HELBO over antibiotics…

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