Highest primary stability – now with conical-parallel connection!

Our new copaSKY implant line is particularly distinguished by the stable and retrievable conical-parallel-walled interface, which enables easy removal of the prosthetics. The unique neck design and short implant-abutment connection also allows ultrashort implants. Due to the deposition of bone chips on the backtaper, a subcrestal implant position can also be selected.

copaSKY uses the same surgical tray as all other SKY implants – so we now have seven implant lines, with one surgical tray.

The enhanced prosthetic offers one connection that fits all diameters of implants, simplyfying storage and reducing inventory. The material of choice is BioHPP, which provides a natural chewing sensation and built-in shock absorber effect to protect implants.

Also new is the form-fit connection for bolted bridge components. The high accuracy of fit directs the lateral load directly onto the abutment, i.e. the risk of screw loosening and fractures is greatly reduced. The integrated angled screw channel provides excellent aesthetic results when transversally threaded. The new narrow uni.cone abutments in 25 ° and 35 ° can also be used in the front of the mouth as the exit of the occlusal screw channel is palatal.

20 ° angulation compensation between two implants is offered by the new bridge and bar abutments. These can also be used to bond bridges in the lab.

The SKY exso hybrid abutments are used for impression taking as well as for definitive restoration; these are now also available in angulated form. Therefore implant level impression taking of implants placed at high angulations is simplified with an angulation compensation of up to 40 degrees.

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