Dear Customer,

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected communities across the globe, causing economic downturns and significantly impacting the dental market.

We, like our business partners and market competitors, have had to adapt daily routines, our processes and marketing plans in order to continue to supply our customers with high quality products and solutions as well as the usual good service.

Fortunately, we have so far been able to avoid making redundancies, raising prices, or compromising on product quality in order to do this.

The bredent Group has therefore looked into other forms of cost saving and refining our business model where possible to be lean and efficient.

To this end, as a group and across all international businesses, we have decided that certain promotional and marketing activities must be altered or even sacrificed in the short term in order to safeguard our most precious asset, our employees.

For example, for 2020/2021 we will not be commissioning the printing and distribution of our popular calendar. Although this may appear a minor item, when the sheer number of International customers is factored in, this type of cost saving is important to maintain competitiveness and jobs.

We hope that you, our customers, support this decision so that we can remain successful together in these challenging times.

Kind regards,

Stephen Denman
Managing Director
bredent UK Ltd