More Life Changing Dentistry by Maria Hardman

A series of patient case studies have been filmed by Clinic 95 in Oxford to help raise awareness of dental implants among patients soon to become endentulous.

The latest patient case study is not a traditional ‘Before & After’ because, there’s no ‘Before’. Before undergoing SKY fast & fixed surgery Maria’s patient, Gillian, never smiled or had her photograph taken.

Post-surgery, Gillian commented:

“Dental implant surgery – yes, it is a bit scary and it’s very expensive.  But it has really improved my life.  So I would absolutely recommend the treatment.  It’s not until after you’ve had it done that you can appreciate what a difference good teeth make to your life.   You don’t realise how important they are!

Maria Hardman asked 12 patients who underwent immediate single or dual arch restorations using SKY fast & fixed to be filmed as part of her Life Changing Dentistry offering at Clinic 95 in Oxford.

Maria has been carrying out SKY fast & fixed treatment since 2011 and has completed over 160 cases.  The SKY fast & fixed protocol enables her to provide patients with fixed teeth in a day, supported by the family-owned company bredent.

You can watch Gillian’s story below…