The unique hybrid connection for highly aesthetic solutions

  • Simple - one prosthetic diameter for all implant sizes and 23-degree conical connection allows for retrievability of the abutment

  • Predictable - etched surface allows hard and soft tissue attachment at the top of the implant and double thread allows reduced bone to implant contact on insertion

  • Unique - new 25 degree uni.cone abutments allow for palatal screw access without compromising the strength of the abutment and without special tooling

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    Intro box includes copaSKY 4.0 - length 5.2 mm, copaSKY 5.0 - length 5.2 mm, copaSKY 6.0 - length 5.2 mm, copaSKY 6mm drills, long and short latch grip driver, drill stops and copaSKY webinar.