New copaSKY ultra short implant now available

We have expanded the SKY implant family with the new copaSKY – an ultra short implant with a length of 5.2 mm and a diameter of 4.0, 5.0 or 6.0.

The new copaSKY implant is designed for reduced bone volume – it fits where others are too long.

Benefits of copaSKY

copaSKY has the tried and tested ocs (osseo-connect-surface), the surface that has enabled SKY implants to set milestones in recent decades in the principal implantology discipline – immediate restoration. The thread design and the special surface finish of the SKY implants guarantee high primary stability and rapid osseointegration.

The conical parallel walled connection on the copaSKY is reversible and can be calculated in terms of height, thus avoiding a complicated Morse taper effect, in which a height divergence of up to 0.4 mm makes the production of a precise prosthetic unnecessarily difficult.

With the copaSKY, we now offer the ideal solution for short, wide alveolar ridges. The available bone is used optimally by the ultra short implant and so time-consuming bone augmentations can be avoided. As a result, the surrounding bone tissue, the adjacent teeth and the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw or, similarly, the nerve in the lower jaw are preserved as far as possible when using the copaSKY.

The resulting shortening of the treatment time and the lower overall costs could convince patients to choose an implant therapy.

Proven protocol…

As with expansions of the SKY family in the past, we have paid particular attention to updating the proven surgical and prosthetic protocol for the copaSKY so that you can seamlessly integrate the new copaSKY into clinical workflows at their practice. Only a special drill set is required for the ultra short implant and it also finds its place in the current surgical tray.

And, furthermore, in terms of the prosthetic portfolio, specialists in implant restorations have carefully developed a clearly-arranged, almost reduced range of prosthetic parts that is still able to meet all requirements. This generates a reliable process and low costs for the practice.

Particularly noteworthy are restorations in patients with physiological high performance polymers, such as BioHPP, which not just make an abutment change superfluous thanks to the one-time therapy but also act as a “stress breaker” thanks to its near-natural properties – in elasticity comparisons, BioHPP has similar values to compact and spongy bone when used as the only framework material.

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