New products from bredent

Be inspired by the new products from bredent… with our innovative components, we have created successful cost-effective treatments that make your work even quicker, easier and more efficient and benefit your patients.

You can order new products online here or chat to your local bredent systems consultant. See a list of new products and their benefits below…


The following new products are now available to order…

New flow.sil microgap sealing

Sealing in the gaps between the abutment and the prosthetic restoration with flow.sil – microgap sealing

  • Disinfecting effect
  • Prevents or reduces bacterial colonisation
  • Prevents or reduces odour formation

ORDER PRODUCT CODE: 580FLOWS or download the flow.sil brochure


BioHPP SKY Elegance Prefab

Cylindrical body made of BioHPP®* pressed onto a titanium base without any gaps

  • New improved shape for more freedom when shaping
  • Dentine shade 2 for a natural and aesthetic colour
  • Radio-opaque BioHPP® for improved X-ray control

BioHPP® has excellent bionic properties. Its elasticity, which is similar to that of human bone, protects the implant during the healing phase, but also in the long term against overloading.

ORDER PRODUCT CODE: SKYEPFST or download the BioHPP elegance brochure

SKY Torque Wrench Pro

  • Exact and highly precise read-out of torques
  • Simplifies the work process
  • Quickly mounted and easily removed for reprocessing
  • Quick and easy cleaning


SKY Connector

For contra-angle instruments

  • Securely locks into the ratchet at the press of a thumb
  • Can be easily removed at the press of a thumb





mini2SKY Scan Abutment and mini2SKY prefab titan set

mini2 SKY scan abutment. 

  • For digital impressions
  • Customised constructions

mini2 SKY prefab titanium. 

  • Optimal solution for manufacturing individual abutments in the digital workflow

ORDER PRODUCT CODE: m2SKCIE or ORDER PRODUCT CODE: m2SKYPFT or download the new miniSKY brochure

You can find manufacturing data at Please contact us for details of UK milling centres.

Chipping Repair Kit powered by visio.lign®

Chipping cases are easily and quickly restored. 

  • Intraoral and extraoral repair of chipping
  • K-Primer for all ceramic materials and disilicate
  • MKZ primer for titanium, zircon, NPM
  • crea.lign composites in colours A2/A3

ORDER PRODUCT CODE: 580CLSETA or download the new visio.lign brochure

Full Range Bonding Kit

Perfect bonding of individual ceramic abutments and easy to clean thanks to isolation coating. Includes:

  • Primers: MKZ-Primer (titanium, zircon, NPM), K-Primer (ceramic, disilicate) (PMMA, composite, BioHPP®)
  • DTK-adhesive: Opaque (colour A2 / A3) and DTK-adhesive Transparent

ORDER PRODUCT CODE: 5800BOND or download the new visio.lign brochure


For more information about all new bredent products due to be released this year, download our new products brochure or if you have any questions about our products, chat to your local systems consultant or our UK customer services team.