Phantom head workshop success

We are proud to have sponsored the Dentinal Tubules Annual Congress for the first time this year.

As part of our partnership with Dhru Shah and his team at Dentinal Tubules, we supported the phantom head workshop ‘How to deal with demanding cases of implant placement’

The phantom head workshop was led by Raquel Zita Gomez who flew from Portugal to join the team.

Raquel said:

“I am honoured to be part of this educational platform and be able to contribute with a full day workshop about demanding cases of Implantology. There was a fantastic atmosphere at the conference – with 16 workshops running at the same time, I felt very honoured that one of those was mine”

The demanding implant cases showcased the following products:

  • Our antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (apdt), HELBO
  • Our Penguin RFA kit to measure the ISQ value for the stability of implants in the bone
  • TIXXU bone substitute materials
  • SKY implants

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