Benefits of BioHPP®

PEEK has been successfully used in human medicine for over 30 years as its biocompatible material properties are unrivalled in likeness to natural bone.

BioHPP is the most stable non-metal material in dental medicine – and the most widely used high performance polymer in dentistry

The mechanical benefits of BioHPP®

  • The only shock absorbing implant material – protecting implants and aiding osseo-integration. Suitable for immediate restorations.
  • The only torsionally flexible restorative material like healthy bone, allows natural physiological torsion of the jaw.
  • Resistant to fracture – studies document the suitability of BioHPP® for the fabrication of large-sized bridge structures.
  • Perfectly suited for veneering – BioHPP® and visio.lign achieve a higher bond strength than that of metal ceramic restorations.
  • Easy to process – BioHPP® can be trimmed and polished intra orally without reducing the quality of the material structure.
  • BioHPP® is the only material to achieve the perfect balance between elasticity and rigidity, weight and fracture strength as well as physiology and resistance to plaque.

The biological benefits of BioHPP®

  • Biocompatible – BioHPP® is a class 2a medical device, complies with all relevant DIN standards and is non cytotoxic.
  • Metal-free – there is no ion exchange, reaction in the mouth or metal taste.
  • Plaque-neutral – the official polishing protocol for BioHPP® will achieve a highly polished surface density of 0.2 micron. This is due to the small particle size of the bound inorganic microparticles. The low water absorption avoids plaque accumulation.
  • Kind to the gingiva – soft tissue management is made simple by the high level of acceptance of BioHPP®.
  • BioHPP® mimics bone in its function and properties. It also has a natural appearance being available in three different shades – white, dentine and pink.

What people say about BioHPP®...

“bredent’s BioHPP has many uses throughout the dental laboratory but for me it’s the indications within implant dentistry that impress me the most. It’s light weight, strong,  biocompatible, easily processed/adjusted and has a similar flexure to that of natural bone. bredent can always be relied upon to deliver outstanding customer service and fantastic dental equipment and materials.” Richard Elliott, Director at Queensway Dental Laboratory


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