Implant Simulator course with Vishy Mahadevan

Professor Vishy Mahadevan

Vishy Mahadevan is the Barbers’ Company Professor of Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. In this capacity he leads the comprehensive Surgical Anatomy teaching programme in the College’s superbly-equipped and unique Anatomy facility, the Wolfson Surgical Skills Centre.

Vishy also possesses an honorary affiliation to the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, UCL (Royal Free Campus).

A general and oncological surgeon and research scientist by background, Vishy’s principal role at the Royal College of Surgeons is the provision of instruction in postgraduate surgical anatomy across the full range of surgical specialties. He has a particular interest and very considerable experience in conducting ‘hands-on’ cadaver dissection workshops.

Besides his many research publications, Vishy has written extensively on a wide variety of themes in surgical anatomy. He is co-author (with Professor Harold Ellis) of the popular textbook Clinical Anatomy.  He is also one of the section editors of the current edition of Gray’s Anatomy. He is on the editorial board of three surgical journals. Vishy is a longstanding member of the Court of Examiners of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and is the recipient of several professional awards and honours, including the prestigious Wood Jones Medal.

Vishy Mahadevan will be a guest tutor on this course discussing the aspects of head and neck anatomy particularly relevant to implant dentistry.

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