Five new crea.lign incisal pastes launched

A new addition to the crea.lign® paste range has been developed with four new incisal shades added – E1, E2, E3 and E4 as well as a transpa opal paste.

Until now, the range of crea.lign pastes consisted of 17 VITA shades and two GUM shades. The incisal shades were borrowed from the full range of flowable crea.lign composites.

Benefits of the new pastes…

  • Excellent modelling properties – softer, non-sticky consistency saves processing time
  • Exceptional layer thickness – even when using a large amount of incisal paste, restorations do not appear grey or dark
  • Fast and easy polishing, plaque free surfaces and reduced discoloration
  • Flexural strength at approx 145 MPa
  • Minimal polyerisation shrinkage

Benefits of the crea.lign range…

crea.lign® veneering composite is designed for permanent veneering of metal, ceramic and polymer substructures.

  • Impressive natural opalescence and unparalleled light transmission results in life-like beautiful restorations
  • Exceptional material properties adapt to the various substructure materials elasticity and hardness
  • crea.lign® contains only nano particles and no ground glass filler

The new crea.lign pastes are available to order now. Place your order online here or contact us.