Bionic framework materials

Surpassed only by nature itself

BioHPP® is the new material class in prosthetics. Based on PEEK, BioHPP® is a ceramic-reinforced high performance polymer and provides the ultimate alternative to rigid framework materials.

What is BioHPP®?

BioHPP® is a hybrid PEEK-based, ceramic-reinforced high performance polymer. It is the most widely used high performance polymer in dentistry.

BioHPP® is unique. It is:

  • the most shock absorbing implant material
  • light because of its low density
  • more biocompatible than any other implant framework material
  • repairable
  • flexible within the parameters of natural bone.

High performance polymers have been used as an implant material in human medicine for more than 35 years. bredent were the first company to launch a dental PEEK based material in 2004, now having well over 10 years experience of PEEK within the field of prosthetic rehabilitation.

High Performance Polymers – why choose BioHPP?

Unlike other high performance polymers…

  • BioHPP® can be pressed or milled
  • BioHPP® is available in three colours – dentine, white and pink.
  • BioHPP® is the only hybrid PEEK material optimised for use in the mouth.
  • BioHPP® is documented by more than 30 university clinical studies.

BioHPP® is the most widely used high performance polymer in dentistry. In contrast to other restorative materials, BioHPP® has inherent strength.  Read more about the benefits of BioHPP®

Why use BioHPP®?

BioHPP® is surpassed only by nature itself. It was developed specifically for intra-oral use.

The bredent group is the only supplier to offer more than 10 years experience in processing high performance polymers within the field of prosthetic rehabilitation.  In the UK, bredent offers technical support through two registered dental technicians.

By adding special ceramic fillers, BioHPP® has optimum physiological and mechanical properties for use in dental prosthetics. This innovative material forms the basis for both fixed and removable implant frameworks as well as pre-fabricated and custom abutments. Read more about using BioHPP® for immediate restorations.

The off-peak property significantly reduces the chewing force transferred directly to the jawbone in comparison with rigid bridge materials (metal, zirconia, etc.). This shock absorbing benefit assists in the immediate rehabilitation of implants and reliable osseointergration.

What people say about BioHPP®

“BioHPP is a fantastic alternative to previous substructures, backed by bredent’s research” Clive Smith, Director at Halo Dental

BioHPP®: A new material class in prosthetics