BioHPP®: Pressed and milled

BioHPP® can be either pressed or milled to suit your work flow.

Pressing BioHPP®

Join over 2,000 laboratories now successfully pressing BioHPP® using for2press. BioHPP® is available in both granulate and pellet form in a range of three colours – white, dentine and pink.

bredent has offered pressed PEEK materials for over 10 years and is a market leader in pressed polymer research and development.

The for2press enables you to press…

  • implant frameworks
  • individual abutments
  • crowns
  • bridges
  • denture frameworks
  • telescopic crowns and frameworks
  • attachment cases.

The pressing technique is simple, with a range of accessories designed by bredent specifically for the BioHPP® pressing technique.

Why press BioHPP®?

  • Press to special implant ti basis, no cement gap!
  • Enhance retention, using retention beads/crystals.
  • It’s cost-effective, you’ll see considerable savings compared to the cost of outsourcing milled frameworks.
  • Increase the scope of services you can offer to your clients with the large application range.

Order BioHPP pellets or granules here

Milling BioHPP

BioHPP® is available as a milling blank to fit the majority of dental milling machines.

BioHPP® can be dry milled using cutter tools. The patented relief cut prevents over heating and achieves a sharp, clean milled finish.

Unlike other high performance polymer materials, BioHPP® blanks are not heated and pressed but extruded. Using this advanced industrial technique the material properties of BioHPP are maintained in BioHPP® milling blanks.

Alongside the standard BioHPP® blanks, bredent also offer a prefabricated BioHPP® abutment with a pin type cam connection.

Read more about BioHPP milling blanks and consumables here