Physiological veneering

The aesthetic and functional system

visio.lign is a complete composite veneering system.

visio.lign is a coordinated system of veneers, teeth, primers and composites designed to be used with or without support of a framework.

Due to a multi-layered application of the individual system layers the achieved effect is extremely aesthetic as well as being perfectly suited to framework veneering and absorption of occlusal forces.

The six individual system components are perfectly matched to one another so they enable multiple analogue and digital workflows.

  1. novo.lign® veneers
  2. neo.lign® teeth
  3. visio.CAM milling
  4. bond.lign bonders and primers
  5. crea.lign® and combo.lign® range
  6. visio.paint staining

10 reasons to use visio.lign

  • The coordinated system of materials is highly aesthetic
  • Ideally shaped – long necks, hollow shape and consistent colour
  • High resistance to plaque and abrasion – high pressure manufacturing process
  • It’s easy-to-repair – in and out of the mouth
  • Acurate A-D shading – perfectly matched nano-filled crea.lign composite shades
  • Excellent bonders for highly crosslinked denture bases, thermoplastic materials etc
  • Easily reproducible – coordinated shape and size of teeth and veneers
  • Restorative options – a range of full veneers, teeth, flowable, composites and stains can be combined to achieve a variety of functional aesthetic results
  • Economical – teeth and veneers supplied in quadrants
  • Compatible – works well with other composite system on the market

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