bre.Lux Power Unit 2

bredent's bre.Lux light curing unit is an exceptional light box with an additional hand-held light cure.

The bre.lux Power Unit 2 cures all known light curing materials on the market that cure at a wavelength between 370 and 500nm. It is the only unit light box a dental laboratory needs for all their materials.

72 LED lamps will give you unsurpassed and highly efficient luminous power to prevent shrinkage. Temperature controls of 45°C – 55°C eliminate thermal influences such as overheating and embrittlement.

The benefits of the bre.Lux

  • The bredent light curing unit cures all composites and materials that cure at a wavelength between 370 and 500nm
  • The light box’s new LED technology covers the entire relevant spectrum of light between 370 and 500n and hence enables a new quality of polymerization
  • 20,000 hours before LED deterioration
  • The light curing unit has an optional light curing hand-held piece
  • The light curing box has a rotary plate which guarantees that the object is evenly illuminated by the 72 LED lights from all side
  • Individual cycles can be programmed for the light curing unit
  • The light curing unit has a silent fan

See more information about the bre.Lux on the visio.lign website here