crea.lign - truly natural and durable

crea.lign is the light-curing composite featuring impressive natural opalescence and unparalleled light transmission for natural beauty.

Benefits of crea.lign

  • Clearly higher impact strength than ceramic (protects the antagonist by reducing the occlusal force)
  • Approved for oral use: for intraoral application
  • Abrasion values comparable to those of natural teeth
  • Simple and fast reconstruction of the gingiva for all implant-prosthetic restorations
  • Natural opalescence
  • Outstanding effect of depth thanks to specific refractive indices
  • Translucency (more options than in ceramics)
  • Design and layer structure according to natural teeth
  • Red-white aesthetics in 1 system – matched crea.lign materials for individualising teeth and gingiva
  • Classic range of shades and additional Enamel/Incisal and GUM materials and a transparent crea.lign Gel
  • Chemical bonding to all substructure materials
  • Result immediately visible – what you see is what you get
  • Shade stability and plaque resistance thanks to excellent polishing properties and minimal water absorption
  • Optimised for implant-prosthetic restorations
  • Repair of chipping for all veneering materials
  • Transition areas toward repairs not visible
  • Adjustments without loss in quality during try-in