red & white with crea.lign®

crea.lign composite set for quick and easy red-white customisation of plastic prostheses and bridges (zirconium/metal/high-performance polymer frameworks).

Fast. Easy. Durable. Reliable. Extendable.

Red & white with crea.lign® is the solution for:

  • implant-supported, fixed or removable permanent
  • restorations
  • natural customisation of full dentures
  • all substructure materials such as BioHPP® and PEEK
  • complete coating even of full-arch restorations (e.g. Prettau bridges)

What are the features of crea.lign®?

  • New formula – Gel and GUM (light, pink, rosa, red, lila).
  • Nano-filled crea.lign ensures colour stability and optimal plaque resistance
  • guarantees a lasting bond between crea.lign and all PMMA prosthetic plastics – as tested in a university environment
  • The fully cross-linked uni.lign prosthetic plastic guarantees a perfect chemical bond with crea.lign and prevents visible transitions and reworking
  • As crea.lign does not contain ground dental glass, it achieves a surface finish identical to that of prosthetic plastic, with a Ra value of 0.03 µm, which guarantees quick and easy polishing
  • The perfect high gloss is obtained in just 3 minutes using the same polishing process as with prosthetic plastic
  • Bridges veneered with ceramic can be customised using the red-white aesthetic set.
  • A customised red-white aesthetic is achieved in just 6 steps
  • A dental technician only requires approx. 45 minutes to customise the front teeth area.
  • All of the materials needed, including the step by step layering instructions, are contained in this set
  • Elegant aluminium case for presentation to patients and dentists
  • Two demo prostheses are included in the set, one of which can be customised to explain to patients and dentists the aesthetic difference

What are the benefits of crea.lign®?

  • Durable restorations thanks to high fracture toughness
  • No fissures or cracks thanks to elasticity on the level of denture resins
  • Unsurpassed curing depth thanks to special light transmission
  • Direct layering on BioHPP® is possible, no opaque required (when using®)
  • Natural effect without translucency in the GUM materials
  • Convenient modelling thanks to the improved stability of crea.lign® gel
  • Simple application of the pastes thanks to the enhanced consistency and reduced tackiness