breCAM.BioHPP® can be milled or pressed.

BioHPP® is a partially crystalline poly ether ether ketone (PEEK) that is strengthened using ceramic. The ceramic fillers improve the strength, abrasion properties and allow it be veneered.

As a result, BioHPP is the only material to achieve the perfect balance between:

  • Elasticity and rigidity
  • Weight and fracture strength
  • Physiology and resistance to plaque

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Image: Lab. Od. Antonio Lazetera, Savona, Italy

Advantages of milling BioHPP

  • Long-term use – for a permanent dental prosthesis.
  • The perfect solution for those with allergies – metal, oxide- and monomer-free, no allergic reactions or discolourations of the gingiva known to date.
  • Light/similar to bone for optimal biocompatibility and integration in the jaw.
  • No oxidation or metal taste.
  • Shock absorbing.
  • No difference in perception with regard to warm/cold meals.
  • Low abrasion properties – BioHPP as a monolithic dental prosthesis protects the remaining residual teeth due to its low abrasive potential.
  • Universal material – the broadest range of indications can be covered with this material: monolithic, can be veneered, fixed, removable, fricative, as prostheses – brace bases.