Using BioHPP® for immediate restorations

Over 3,500 full arch immediate load implant cases have been completed using BioHPP®.

BioHPP® is the perfect material for immediate restorations because:

  • It reduces the stress placed on the implant
  • It aids osseo-integration
  • It is strong, durable and repairable
  • It receives consistent positive feedback from patients
  • Its success is well documented
  • It has a high flexural strength, surpassed by nature only

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BioHPP® is the most widely used high performance polymer in dentistry. In contrast to other restorative materials, BioHPP® has inherent strength.

BioHPP® is an innovative material and forms the basis for permanent large span implant frameworks as well as individual abutments, on both fixed and removable implant restorations.

BioHPP® is ideally suited towards immediate restorations. The off peak shock absorbing qualities act as a protection for the implant, aiding osseo-integration. Soft tissue adhesion to BioHPP® is superior to that of alloys, including titanium, resulting in healthy, stable tissue.

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Veneering BioHPP®

bredent has developed BioHPP® together with visio.lign for use on demanding immediate load cases. It is known for its strength, durability and achieving higher bond strengths to that of conventional metal ceramic bridges.

Why patients love BioHPP®

Patients respond favourably to BioHPP® due to its light weight, colour, and bio inert nature.

BioHPP® does not limit your options with other restorative materials! It can be finished conventionally using visio.lign composite, ceramic (individual bonded crowns) or wrap around acrylic.

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