Pink BioHPP is now available!

bredent has added to the appeal of the increasingly prescribed BioHPP by developing a pink shade.

Leading dentists and technicians specialising in implant prosthetic restorations have been asking us for gingiva shaded framework material, so we are pleased to deliver!

Christian Smith, Key Account Manager, at bredent said

“I have been chatting to lots of our customers who are interested in a pink material to extend the application and increase their possibilities to use polymers. The launch of pink BioHPP is great news, it opens up lots of opportunities for our customers and for bredent.”

bredent is the only manufacturer currently offering a high performance polymer in both press and milled form with a range of shades available – white, dentine or pink.

Pink BioHPP is different to its white and dentine equivalent however, boasting higher strength and properties. This is in line with bredent’s continuous research and development of PEEK, to optimise properties and meet the high demands placed upon dental prosthesis.

Initial customer feedback for pink BioHPP has been excellent, with comments made on the superior handling and high polished finish achievable.

Find out more about why BioHPP provides the ultimate alternative to rigid framework materials, read the bonding protocol for BioHPP and order BioHPP for yourself.