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The thermopress 400 is an injection moulding device for processing thermoplastic resins with a melting temperature up to 400 degrees C

Benefits and features of the thermopress

The melting process is specially adapted to the demands of plastic thanks to high-performance heating elements. In this way the best possible material properties are achieved.

  • No additional equipment such as CO2 bottles or a compressed air supply are required, saving on additional costs and time.
  • Consistent quality due to avoidance of a drop in pressure.
  • High operational comfort when handling the device.
  • Time-saving function thanks to simultaneous operation of both heating chambers.
  • The injection process can only be performed with the lid closed, providing additional safety.
  • Convenient removal of the flask thanks to automatic cartridge ejection if the bracket it unlocked.
  • Up to 30 melting programmes can be used

thermopress 400 with accessories set 

  • thermopress 400 unit with 2 allen keys, cleaning brush and tool
  • press out device & punch
  • cartridge pliers
  • flask hook with hex
  • 2 x flask N small
  • thermopaste 400 (50g)
  • expando-rock-set (5kg expansion plaster, 500ml expandosol)

Please note: we only deliver to the UK. If you are outside of the UK contact the bredent group

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