breCAM.wax is extremely well-suited to the digital production of fully anatomical or reduced frameworks, inlays, onlays, implant work including large span bridges for cast metal and ceramic press technology.

The cutting preparation of wax cutting blanks in a dental laboratory has the following benefits in comparison with conventional wax dipping and modelling, in addition to its homogeneous and virtually tension-free structure: No further thermal treatments by means of fusion or applications, mixing of different wax qualities, no damage due to overheating or impurities.

Image: Lab. Od. Abtonio Lazetera, Savona, Italy

  • Mechanical production of crowns and frameworks for gold casting and ceramic pressing technology – cost and time saving
  • Better fit of the gold casting due to tension-free processing – less reworking, less material loss (gold alloys)
  • Uniform framework designs/connector strengths due to the CAD construction – more stable frameworks and the same qualities, less reworking and time saving
  • Wide range and reproducibility of desired morphologies and tooth shapes – the same quality and flexibility of work
  • One-pass processing of wax: impurities and loss of wax properties do not apply – no material contamination as a result of re-used, impure wax
  • Flexible production – existing CNC capacities can be exhausted in terms of time