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An overview of the TIXXU system...

Collagen fleece

TIXXU PROTECT is a highly biocompatible, rapidly absorbable collagen made of porcine dermis that stabilises the alveolus and supports the buccal lamella.

  • It is an ideal frame for the adsorption of thrombocytes, fibroblasts and osteoblasts
  • It encourages coagulum formation, as contact with blood leads to an aggregation of thrombocytes
  • It absorbs blood quickly due to its high hydrophilic properties and interconnective porosities
  • The vestibular bone lamella of the extraction alveole is supported
  • It is pH-neutral and exerts a positive effect on soft tissue reactions

Bone substitute material

TIXXU GRAFT is available as granules and putty.

  • Osteoconductive, osteogenic
    Provides a framework for new bone growth, gives commands for mineralisation and osteogenic cell differentiation
  • Molecular mixture of: 60% HA and 40% β-TCP
    HA alone resorbs too slowly, while β-TCP resorbs too quickly. Biphasic HA and β-TCP provide a resorption rate that is similar to human bone
  • 70% porosity, network of macropores and micropores
    The porosity is comparable to that of cancellous bone, it allows the uniform colonisation of bone cells and the formation of biological fluid within the matrix. The right compromise for initial mechanical properties and resorption kinetics
  • Macroporosity (> 100 micrometres)
    Allows deep penetration of bone cells into the matrix
  • Microporosity (<10 micrometres)
    For ion exchange: β-TCP dissolution and bone crystal precipitation New bioactive interface to bone cells
  • > 30 years of clinical background Host bone formation in place of the MBCP is systematically detected
  • Safe 5 years durability – fully synthetic
  • Easy to use
    Available as granules or as putty


  • Free of animal components: Reduces the risk of disease transmission; avoids religious/cultural issues
  • High biocompatibility: The PLGA is 100% bioresorbable
  • Safe: The PLGA has been used in medical applications for decades
  • Simple application
  • Supports secondary healing on exposure and wound dehiscence
  • Long resorption time of 6 months gives the bone sufficient time for undisturbed growth