Using HELBO® in place of antibiotics

Mechanical cleaning and rinsing solutions do not adequately destroy the bacteria in the biofilm. Even strong antibiotics struggle to provide sustainable success.

Why is HELBO an alternative to antibiotics?

Increasing resistance to antibiotics is in the news all the time. If you are in any doubt, have a look at the World Health Organisation fact sheet  highlighting the seriousness of the situation. The highlight of the document is that even relatively routine procedures are becoming high risk.


How can HELBO help?

HELBO® treatment is designed to be used in place of antibiotics to control periodontal pathogenic bacteria on a local level, rather than be applied systemically, without side-effects.

By controlling the intraoral bacteria you can decrease your patients’ risk of:

  • Periodontitis and periimplantitis
  • Endodontitis
  • Caries
  • Alveolar ostitis following tooth extraction
  • Bone necrosis, for example following administration of bisphosphonates
  • Inadequate healing following apicoectomy
  • Residual ostitis (disturbed healing of an implant, in particular in the case of immediate implantation)

HELBO® treatment can quickly relieve your patients from these inflammations and infections and can also prevent disturbances to wound healing.

Try it for yourself…

Every dentist has a patient with periodontal disease, as well as one or all of the list above, who they have tried to treat using conventional methods. Take advantage of our

HELBO® Vs antibiotics video

HELBO® treatment in combination with SKY fast & fixed