narrowSKY is bredent’s implant for narrow gaps in single tooth restoration for the severely atrophied jaw or where augmentation should be avoided. 

  • The surface is designed like blueSKY, so it is also inserted iso-crestal.
  • The red-gold cover screw makes identification in the mouth easier and all abutments of the SKY implant system with the same colour are indicated for restoration of the narrowSKY implants.

All SKY implants have a long tube-in-tube connection with Torx®, which allows a durable and reliable connection from the implant to the abutment. This connection avoids screw loosening and breakage, as it ensures optimal even load distribution of the masticatory forces between the screw and the abutment.

With low residual rotation as a result of improved precision with the same manufacturing tolerances, a lifelong connection is guaranteed, in contrast with an internal hexagon and surface connection. The defined vertical height enables easy establishment of the passive fit, even for large constructions.