SKY surgical tray

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The SKY implant system surgical tray can be used for inserting all SKY implants. The new design was launched in July 2018...

Features of the new SKY surgical tray…

  • Few instruments – simple and cost-effective
  • Contains all the restorative tools so there is no need for any additional trays
  • One surgical/restorative kit simplifies workflows in the practice and enhances process reliability – treatment costs and times are reduced considerably as it is possible  to switch from one implant to another intraoperatively
  • Only 18cm x 13cm (a lot smaller than the previous SKY surgical tray which measured 29cm x 18cm)
  • The silicone holders of the instruments are moulded into the tray insert for cleaning
  • The tray is validated for machine cleaning in a thermal disinfector
  • The tray insert is used as a holder for the instruments and drills during machine cleaning. Only the ratchet and the drill stops must be washed separately in a small parts basket.

Purchase the new tray…

Whether you’re a new or existing customer we have the correct tray for you.

Purchase add-ons…

You may also need the components for other parts of the SKY range. So the kits below enable you to simply add what you need…

  • copaSKY upgrade kit – add the additional drills and instruments for use with copaSKY implants. Order yours here
  • whiteSKY upgrade kit – add the two implant insertion instruments for use with whiteSKY implants. Order yours here
  • miniSKY upgrade kit – add the two implant insertion instruments and the twist drill 1.3 for use with miniSKY implants. Order yours here

Additional restorative trays are also available for non-surgical interventions.