retention.sil is a unique retention restorer that engages the undercut.

retention.sil & TiSi.snap

TiSi.snap abutments in combination with retention.sil provide a fast and reliable method to treat patients (chairside) with a comfortable fixed prosthesis.

On the one hand, retention.sil is a silicone with very high tensile strength, which is perfectly suited to ensure a resilient position of the denture; on the other hand TiSi.snap is an abutment system with defined retention and a good guidance of the denture. This combination provides the high level of patient comfort while eating and chewing and avoids changes to the position of the denture.

Thanks to the different angles of the TiSi.snap abutments the residual bone can be optimally utilized so that complex augmentation procedures are avoided. Moreover, the various heights allow to adapt the space requirements for the denture to the anatomical conditions.

TiSi.snap abutments enable you to restore the quality of life of many of your older patients who are wearing dentures at affordable costs.