Dr. Michael Weiss - bredent UK

Dr. Michael Weiss

Specialises in dental implants

Dr. Weiss trained as a dental technician in 1984 and studied dentistry and promotion in Ulm, after a seven-month stay abroad in Asia.

In 1992, Dr Weiss became a researcher of the dental clinic in the University of Ulm with Prof. Reinhold Mayer, Department conservative dentistry, periodontics and pediatric dentistry for two years before entering into the established practice, specializing concept: Implantology – Aesthetic Dentistry – Periodontology

In 1996, he created the Group practice with Dr. Margit Weiss and established the dental well-GmbH Centers for prophylaxis two tears later.

In 2006 Dr Weiss, established the OPUS • DC specializing in the complex overall renovation in anesthesia.

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