Dr. Marcus Gambroudes - bredent UK

Dr. Marcus Gambroudes

Specialises in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and Same Day Teeth

Marcus qualified from Birmingham University in 2000 and was among a very select few to obtain a Clinical Distinction. During his studies as a Dentist he developed a keen interest in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. For more than 10 years since qualifying he has followed his passion, advancing his skills to a very high level.

He has placed and restored over 4000 dental implants to date and now regularly teaches other dental professionals on the topic of implant and aesthetic dentistry. He strives for clinical excellence and achieving the highest standards, and recently won a national Aesthetic Dentistry Award in recognition of the life changing dentistry he carries out.

Whilst he enjoys carrying out all aspects of implant and cosmetic treatments, much of his time is now focused on treating patients who are facing significant problems with their teeth and are faced with the prospect of losing most or all of their remaining teeth.

The skills he has developed and his experience mean that he is in a privileged position to offer patients life-changing dentistry with Same Day Teeth, giving them totally new set of fixed teeth in just one day. The results may be instant but go on to last a lifetime.

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