for2press demo at Jonathan Pattison Ceramics

We offer all our for2press customers full training on using the machine and ongoing technical support for pressing BioHPP. Our registered dental technicians carry out the for2press demonstration on-site at your lab and verifiable CPD is available.

Here is an example of a recent BioHPP case pressed at Jonathan Pattison Ceramics as part of a for2press demonstration by our RDT Philip Lajoie.

The framework is designed in wax or PiKuPlast HP36 pattern resin. If pressing directly to fixtures these are incorporated. Sprues are added and the framework is invested and burnt out at 850 degrees.

The BioHPP ingot and pressing stamp are then added to the investment ring within the furnace and held at 400 degrees.

Once the BioHPP has melted to the correct consistency, the investment ring with BioHPP is transferred to the for2press device and pressing stamp put in place using tongues.







The for2press operation is very simple.

The piston engages the pressing stamp and forces the BioHPP material down into the investment.

The red light indicates when the for2press device is pressing under vacuum and operation should not be interrupted.






Once the initial pressing period has ended, the for2press will manually push down the table from the vacuum chamber and the investment ring is left under pressure to cool.

The light on the for2press will change from red to blue to show this process is complete.







The BioHPP can now be devested, sprues removed with a cut off disk and reduced if necessary.

BioHPP trims very easily so an over designed or bulky framework is quickly amended.

The framework is now ready for conditioning and finishing using visio.lign, composite, acrylic or individual crowns.




Find out more about BioHPP, visio.lign or request your own for2press demo.